Evaluating total phosphorus in wastewater
Tom Glendenning
The total phosphorus amount indicates how much phosphorus — as dissolved or particulate states — exi...
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Effective and efficient soil remediation techniques for site cleanup
Annie Ray
When you need to develop an effective soil remediation strategy for contaminated sites, the Environm...
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Industrial Hygiene_thumbnail
The what and why of Industrial Hygiene
Elisabeth Rutter
Wipe samples are to test for contaminants on equipment surface. This was testing for beryllium. To p...
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Freeport lead service
Evaluating the dangers of lead service pipes to keep the community's drinking water safe
Jeff Jacobson
 Although lead pipes are often thought of as relics of a bygone era, they are still a common co...
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Fish Kills 2
Fish kills: Should you be worried?
Leonard Dane
If you've noticed fish or other aquatic life beached or floating belly up in or around your river, l...
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Proper soil remediation and disposal help mitigate contamination risks
Annie Ray
Soil contamination in urban areas is mainly caused by activities like manufacturing, waste disposal,...
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Using a chlorination process in wastewater treatments reduces E. coli
Lucas Elsbernd
E. coli, one of the most common pathogens found in domestic wastewater, can cause gastroenteritis. T...
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