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Illinois Environmental Protection Agency awards Ivesdale loan to improve water system

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The Village of Ivesdale received good news from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). With Fehr Graham’s help, Ivesdale was approved for an $859,000 loan from the Public Water Supply Loan Program to finance improvements to its water system.

The IEPA granted the Village the lowest interest rate of 1.38 percent and gave a 75 percent principal forgiveness on the loan. This means the Village will only repay $214,750 over 20 years at the lower interest rate.“For a small community like Ivesdale, this means it will be easier to afford crucial infrastructure improvements,” said Champaign Branch Manager Matthew Johnson. " Water system improvements will be executed in two phases. In the first phase, the Village will upgrade the water plant to increase capacity from 35 gallons per minute to 50. This upgrade includes replacing pressure filters, high-service pumps, all chemical feed systems, the master effluent flow meter and backwash flow meter, plant controls, automated valves and detention tank, and painting the elevated tank. During the second phase, the Village will upgrade the water mains, which will be built later under a separate loan."

Construction will start in May 2019.

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