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At Fehr Graham, we understand how important it is to have a project that runs quickly and smoothly. Time is money, and it is important your company or municipality save as much of both as possible. Choosing Fehr Graham as your brownfield redevelopment company in Illinois will mean fewer delays, ensure compliance with different environmental rules and regulations, and make your work easier for everyone involved, getting you one step closer to a finished project.

Fehr Graham provides brownfield redevelopment services in Illinois to keep our clients in compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations. Ensuring your employees are aware of the many different environmental compliance laws is the first step. The Fehr Graham team provides environmental training so we can begin any site assessment and remediation services your company needs. When you choose to work with Fehr Graham, you are choosing a firm that will get you effective results as soon as possible.

Brownfield redevelopment is one of the most important aspects of any land development project. Without it, a project cannot safely or successfully begin. It is the first step to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors – a benefit to your entire community. Fehr Graham provides site assessment and remediation for any land development project in the Midwest to keep your team and the surrounding area safe. When the site assessment and remediation is finished, our team of engineers will provide professional engineering services to move to the redevelopment phase of your project to ensure everything is safe and successful from start to finish.

Fehr Graham has extensive brownfield redevelopment experience and can help no matter the scale of your project. The Fehr Graham team provides land development services for everything from small individual sites to large former industrial complexes. Many of these projects are partnerships between public and private entities that seek funding at the state and federal levels. The environmental specialists and engineers at Fehr Graham will prepare and complete comprehensive applications to help procure these funds for your project to keep your costs low.

Without comprehensive information and environmental risk assessment, a project can cost more money and take more time than necessary. When you choose Fehr Graham as your brownfield redevelopment company in Illinois, we ensure your project is protected and moves forward in a timely and efficient manner. Fehr Graham ensures your project is thoroughly analyzed through highly customized environmental site assessments, remediation plans and waste management. Our ability to provide and complete detailed work for every aspect of brownfield redevelopment will keep everyone safe and save time and money for your company because we can service your project every step of the way. For decades, the team of engineers and environmental experts at Fehr Graham have completed successful engineering projects of all kinds throughout Illinois and the Midwest, providing the best site assessment, remediation and land development services in the area. From beginning to end, we will work by your side to ensure your project is a complete success.


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