Our land development services

Land development services in Marion, IL

Land development projects can be complex  and must balance a community’s needs with environmental priorities and available funding. When you have a vision to improve your community, Fehr Graham connects the dots to make your dream a reality. We bring your land development ideas to life through extensive evaluation, planning, engineering and construction – all while staying in compliance with local codes and regulations.

We help navigate each step, from conceptualizing and planning, tackling design approvals, addressing regulatory issues and redevelopment needs to securing funding to make your dream project a reality. Whether you need a rain garden to manage stormwater or you’re redeveloping an entire city block, Fehr Graham helps guide projects of all sizes to successful outcomes.


We're more than an engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Fehr Graham’s land development services

By partnering with Fehr Graham, you have access to landscape architects, civil engineers, surveyors and environmental scientists all under one roof. We have strong relationships with local leaders and reviewing agencies to develop your dream — from concept to completion. Our team of professionals will show you what’s possible and bring real-world solutions to potential challenges.


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Our land development services include:

ConceptualDesign Conceptual Design and Planning
LandAcquisition Land Acquisition and Platting
Surveying Surveying
DueDilligence Due Diligence
AssessmentRemediation Assessment and Remediation
EngineerPermitting Engineering and Permitting
LandscapeArchitecture Landscape Architecture
FundingSolutions Funding Solutions
ConstObservation Construction Observation
PostConstruction Post-Construction Review


Our land development services includes designing parking lots


Communities that have benefited from our land development services

Our land development services team has worked closely with communities across Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin on environmentally responsible infrastructure updates, redevelopment projects and other community improvement efforts. Fehr Graham is committed to ensuring our land development services expertise meets your specific project goals — on time and under budget. Some communities we have worked with are:


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Fehr Graham is your one-stop solution for land development challenges. Contact us to learn more about our land development services or call us at 217.352.7688.