Our transportation engineering services

Highway 92, a project by Fehr Grahamt

An effective roadway design for your community depends on several factors, including the population, travel patterns, facilities, and environmental and safety concerns. At Fehr Graham, we help navigate your next transportation project. Whether it is developing complex interchanges, multilane roadways, bridges or recreational paths, our team designs custom solutions to reduce traffic congestion and make travel safer.


We're more than an engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Fehr Graham’s engineering solutions

At Fehr Graham, diversity is our niche. Our experienced team of transportation engineers and licensed contractors work with you to create the solution that best meets your community’s needs. Our expertise in transportation engineering reflects through:

  • Maximizing your investment in projects to reduce maintenance.
  • Upholding the environmental integrity during construction.
  • Transforming a sea of concrete into functional and aesthetic outcomes.


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Our transportation engineering services include:

RoadBridgeRail Road, Bridge and Rail Design
TrafficStudies Traffic Studies
PavementMGT Pavement Management
StreetscapeDesign Streetscape Design
IntersectionDesign Intersection Design
DrainageSystem Drainage System Design
RecreationalDesign Recreational Design
Planning Planning
LandscapeArchitect Landscape Architecture
StreetLighting Street Lighting
ConstructionMgt Construction Management
EnviroDocumentation Environmental Documentation
AgencyCoordination Agency Coordination
FundingSolutions Funding Solutions

Mercy Way, Rockford, Illinois

Communities benefit from our engineering services

We understand the unique challenges of transportation engineering in different communities and work to develop solutions within the scheduled budget and project timeline. We take pride in creating safe and efficient transportation systems across Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and beyond.


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Our custom and cost-effective transportation engineering solutions aim to reduce accidents, delays and maintenance. Our expertise and experience in transportation engineering have won us many accolades, including a feature in Roads and Bridges magazine. With Fehr Graham, you can strengthen the local transportation network in your community and ensure successful outcomes for your projects. Fehr Graham specializes in developing sustainable and robust transportation infrastructure. Contact us to learn more about our transportation engineering services or call us at 815.562.9087.

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