Our site-specific safety compliance and training services

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Workplace safety should be a priority for businesses, which is why Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that employers provide training for workers who face hazards on the job. With appropriate site-specific safety and compliance training, you can ensure your employees remain safe and productive.

At Fehr Graham, our safety professionals want all employees to return home safely after a day at work. We help you mitigate potential work safety risks by developing customized site-specific safety compliance plans and training programs to fit your organization’s needs.


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Fehr Graham’s site-specific safety and compliance training services

Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) instructors have years of experience conducting training for businesses. We understand what it takes to develop and incorporate procedures and practices to create a culture that results in a safe work environment. From providing face-to-face training methods to developing remote options and programs, we adapt the way we deliver safety and compliance training to the specific needs of our clients.


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Our safety and compliance training services include:

ConfinedSpaces Confined Spaces
HazardCommunication Hazard Communication
SiteSpecifySafety Site-Specific Safety Training
HazardousEnergy Hazardous Energy (lockout, tagout)
PersProtectEquip Personal Protective Equipment
DriverSafety Driver Safety
HearingConservation Hearing Conservation
PoweredIndustTrucks Powered Industrial Trucks
MedicalFirstAid Medical and First Aid
IndustrialHygiene Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring

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Design custom site-specific safety compliance and training for your employees

Whether you have a small, family-owned business or a large facility, our customized safety and compliance training helps your organization maintain OSHA compliance. Our experienced trainers are committed to helping you provide a safe and healthy work environment for your valued workforce.


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With Fehr Graham, you can be assured, we will develop industry-specific training packages to keep your employees updated with the required safety knowledge to minimize workplace injuries.

Fehr Graham is your answer to designing site-specific safety compliance and training for your employees. Contact us to learn more about our safety compliance and training services or call us at 920.453.0700.