Our structural engineering services for buildings

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Strong buildings need solid foundations. A building project involves several stages, including design development, construction and maintenance, and requires experienced specialists to successfully navigate these stages.

At Fehr Graham, we serve as engineering consultants on every type of building project, including commercial, residential and industrial properties. From preliminary work, building design and construction management to construction supervision and maintenance work, our knowledge and experience solves project challenges of any size.


We're more than an engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Fehr Graham’s structural engineering services for buildings

From raising a building to retaining soil, we ensure your building is structurally sound from the ground up. We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals, including licensed structural engineers and certified contractors. Our expertise in providing structural engineering services for buildings reflects through skills like:

  • 3D and building information modeling to help you visualize the project.
  • Extensive knowledge of various materials, including concrete, steel, timber and composites.
  • Innovative solutions to challenging projects, no matter the situation.


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Our structural engineering services for buildings include:

LaserScanningSurvey Laser Scanning and Surveying
DataCollection Data Collection
InspectionsEvaluations Inspections and Evaluations
ForensicEngineering Forensic Engineering/Failure Investigations
FoundationStructureDesign Foundation and Structure Design
RepairRehab Repairs, Rehabilitation and Modifications
Construction Construction
HeavyEquipment Heavy Equipment Installations
FallProtection Fall Protection
LoadEvaluations Load Evaluations
DemolitionOversight Demolition Oversight and Construction Services
AsBuiltRecordDoc As-Built and Record Documentation

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Communities benefit from our structural engineering services for buildings

We have helped community leaders across Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin lay strong building foundations since the 1970s. Our structural engineering team helps developers and municipal leaders make informed decisions on the construction, repair and maintenance of buildings and other infrastructure.


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At Fehr Graham, we work to understand your building requirements and offer solutions that are robust, sustainable and cost-effective. Our precise planning and execution ensure your building project is delivered on time and within budget.

Fehr Graham specializes in creating functional, safe and innovative building designs. Contact us to learn more about our structural engineering services for buildings or call us at 217.352.7688.