Our parks and recreation design services

Parks and recreation design services provided by Fehr Graham in Illinois

At Fehr Graham, we understand the challenges that may come with designing and building park and recreation spaces. By partnering with our parks and recreation design services team, you can create beautiful and functional spaces and facilities that showcase your community’s unique spatial, social and historical character. In addition to ensuring compliance with local design, permitting and construction standards, we provide landscape architecture services and help secure funding.


We're more than an engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Fehr Graham’s parks and recreation solutions

Fehr Graham creates spaces that appeal to residents and visitors while improving your community’s overall quality of life. From spacious parks and playgrounds to expansive athletic complexes, we design recreational areas with community engagement in mind. We reimagine community spaces with an emphasis on connectivity, accessibility and sustainability.


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Our parks and recreation design services include:

Park_Camp Park, Campground and Open Spaces Design
BikePed_Trail Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail and Bridge Design
AthleticFIELD Athletic Field and Court Design and Rehabilitation
PoolSplashpad Pool, Splash Pad and Aquatics Design
BoatAccess Boat Access Design
MasterPlanning Master Planning
CommunityOutreach Community Outreach
WayfindingSignage Wayfinding and Signage
NaturalResources Natural Resources Conservation
ParkUtilities Park Utilities
FundingSolutions Funding Solutions

Parks and recreation design services by Fehr Graham

Communities benefit from our engineering design services

We use your community’s natural resources as the starting point to develop functional, safe, accessible and beautiful recreational spaces that bring people together. From planning a park’s amenities and general layout to finding grants and loans to help fund your project, we provide end-to-end assistance on parks and recreation design.


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Community parks and recreation spaces represent the heart of a thriving community. Additionally, these recreational spaces contribute to local economic development and increase property values. At Fehr Graham, we partner with municipalities to design compelling recreational sites that preserve community character and history while welcoming community members to interact and engage with the space. Fehr Graham is your answer to everything about parks and recreation designs. Contact us to learn more about our parks and recreation design services or call us at 815.394.4700.

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