Our funding solutions services

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Funding is integral to the inception, execution and completion of most municipal infrastructure projects. Securing that funding with solutions like grants and loans from federal, state and local sources can also pose the biggest challenge to project completion. Aligning your community’s needs and priorities with the right fusion of funding streams can help ensure successful municipal infrastructure projects.

At Fehr Graham, we have the expertise to help identify sources and reinforce funding stacks for your community projects. Our team of professionals matches qualified infrastructure projects with available funding solutions to help municipal leaders pay for successful, timely projects of all sizes. 


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Fehr Graham’s funding solutions services

We understand your goal is to secure every available dollar to create the most successful outcome for your municipal infrastructure project. When collaborating with clients, we leverage every relevant program detail to match projects with the most up-to-date funding opportunities at local, state and federal levels.


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Our funding solutions services include:

FundingResearch Funding Research and Identification
CapitalImprovement Capital Improvement Planning
CommunityNeeds Community Needs Assessments
EligibilityDetermination Eligibility Determinations
GrantAndLoan Grant and Loan Preparation
GrantManagement Grant Management
PublicHearing Public Hearing Assistance
OrdinanceModification Ordinance Modification
DetailedAgency Detailed Agency Specifications
ProjectFinances Project Finances Managed and Documented
FinalizationClosure Finalization and Closure

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Communities that have benefited from our funding solutions services

Our funding solutions team has partnered with communities across the Midwest to help turn plans into reality. We have skilled grant writers who customize and create competitive applications. Fehr Graham’s funding solutions professionals stay updated on funding opportunities and work closely with regulatory agencies to reach win-win solutions. We are committed to securing the maximum funding dollars possible for our clients.


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No matter the size of your project, we are committed to optimizing your project’s budget with tailored funding strategies that align with your community’s goals and visions.

Fehr Graham is your answer to securing funds for municipal infrastructure projects. Contact us to learn more about our funding solutions services or give us a call at 815.235.7643.