Lead service line replacement costs and available funding for Illinois municipalities
Seth Gronewold
Illinois has more lead service lines than any other state in the nation, with a number the National ...
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Planning saves time, money and headaches
Andrew Deitchman
Hindsight might be 20/20, but foresight is pretty essential when it comes to infrastructure planning...
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Comparing wastewater aeration systems
Lucas Elsbernd
Adding air directly to wastewater is considered a critical step in wastewater treatment because it f...
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Damar Hamlin cardiac arrest reinforces importance of First Aid training
Gordy Koch
It was a frightening moment across the U.S. when football player Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arres...
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How does the aeration process in wastewater treatment work to consume organics?
Edgar Mendoza
Aeration – or the addition of oxygen – is one of the most critical and energy-intensive processes in...
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Long term wastewater treatment planning is key to successful design, financing
Darryl Carstensen
Long-term, comprehensive planning is key to successful wastewater treatment systems. Without a stron...
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Fehr Graham experts offer pre-OSHA inspections
Matt Schroeder
Food manufacturers in Illinois and Ohio can expect additional Occupational Safety and Health Adminis...
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