PFAS timeline on EPA actions
Jennifer Buholzer
PFAS, or Per- and Polyfluroalkyl Substances, contamination of groundwater and drinking water exposes...
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Unlocking urban potential: U.S. government incentives spark development in former office spaces
Lynn Smith
The COVID-19 pandemic might have ushered in a remote workplace trend, but that doesn't mean urban la...
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Radium in drinking water — health risks and treatment methods
Seth Gronewold
As a radioactive element, radium is present in varying amounts in rocks and soil within the Earth's ...
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Sludge disposal — challenges and solutions
Edgar Mendoza
Sludge is a solid byproduct produced during wastewater treatment. It contains a mixture of water, no...
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The crucial role of MS4 permitting requirements
Leonard Dane
Keeping bodies of water clean is a priority for everyone, which is why the Illinois Environmental Pr...
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Understanding Municipal Water Filtration
Derek Thompson
The key objective of drinking water treatment and water filtration is to prevent water-borne illness...
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Wastewater collection systems: evaluating and planning
Lucas Elsbernd
Before sewage/wastewater is discharged or reused, it must be properly collected from homes, business...
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