Navigating the Illinois stormwater compliance landscape: What your business needs to know
Scott Perian
For industries required to obtain an Illinois General Stormwater Permit, subtle changes went into ef...
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​​Fehr Graham helped secure funding for the South Beloit Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Securing funding for wastewater treatment plants in rural communities
Bridgette Stocks
Many rural communities across the United States rely on wastewater treatment processes that fall sho...
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From rainfall to resilience: Engineers Without Borders ensures clean water for Amazonian Village
Kelsey Bird
There's no lack of rain in Libertad, Peru, but there is a shortage of clean, usable water. This Vill...
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Transportation forecasting: preparing for growth
Noah Carmichael
What will traffic conditions in your community look like in the coming years?Are you worried an ever...
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Importance of groundwater monitoring and remediation
Kendyl Hoss
Groundwater monitoring refers to monitoring water underground in saturated zones of soil and rock. W...
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PFAS removal from water: the evolution from groundwater to potable water
Jennifer Buholzer
Various Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS chemicals) are commonly used in industrial, commer...
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Understanding heat-related illnesses and prevention tips
Catelyn Remus
Blazing hot summer days can be brutal for everyone, but particularly for people working outside. Hea...
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