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Robust designs are the foundation to a solid infrastructure. Whether your goal is to preserve your city's landmarks, construct a building or evaluate structures, it is essential to have dedicated experts who can ensure the structural integrity of your project.

At Fehr Graham, we specialize in developing customized and reliable structural designs. Our expertise extends to a wide range of projects, including construction, additions, renovations and historic preservation. We strive to combine superior aesthetics with functional design, no matter the scope or complexity of the project.


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Fehr Graham’s solutions

A structural engineering project is time- and cost-intensive. Determining the optimal cost-effective solution while navigating planning, construction, logistics and project management requirements may prove particularly challenging to communities. At Fehr Graham, our multidisciplinary team offers:


  • Technical excellence. Our in-house experts include National Bridge Inspection Standards-certified professionals, licensed engineers, environmental professionals and contractors.
  • Cutting-edge technology. We visualize your project using 3D and building information modeling.
  • Sustainable designs. Whether we are designing buildings or bridges, we deliver sustainable infrastructure solutions.
  • Safety and aesthetics. We build safe and beautiful infrastructure for your community.


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Our understanding of complex regulatory and environmental requirements helps you meet your project goals on time and within budget. Our structural engineering services include:

PlanningDesign Bridge Design and Inspection
InspectionAssess Building Inspection
SafetyAssessRoad Foundation Work
ProgramMgt As-Built Documentation
DataCollection Demolition Oversight and Refurbishment Evaluation
RepairRehab Data Collection and Calculation
AesteticImprovements Forensic Engineering/ Failure Investigations
ConstrOversight Planning
FoundationStructureDesign Construction/ Building Expansions
RepairRehab Heavy Equipment Installations
Construction Structural Repairs or Modifications
FallProtection Fall Protection
LoadEvaluations Mezzanine Load Determinations
FundingSolutions Funding Solutions

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Communities benefit from our engineering services

Our expertise in structural engineering makes us one of the premier engineering and environmental firms across the Midwest and beyond. Additionally, our strategic partnership with Trilon Group has allowed us to expand and enhance these services.


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Fehr Graham has worked with communities since the 1970s, completing some of the most unique and challenging structural engineering projects. Our custom structural engineering services help ensure your project transitions smoothly from concept to completion. Fehr Graham is your answer to everything about structural engineering. Contact us to learn more about our structural engineering services or call us at 217.352.7688.

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