Our structural engineering services for bridges

Bridge built by Fehr Graham in Krape Park, Freeport, Ilinois

Safe, functional and innovative bridges are critical links in transportation networks and their stable structure starts with a robust design. At Fehr Graham, we ensure your infrastructure project has a solid foundation. Whether developing, maintaining, renovating or inspecting bridges, our structural engineering services for bridges help community designers create intuitive and efficient transportation systems.


We're more than an engineering and environmental consulting firm.


Fehr Graham’s structural solutions for bridges

Our team of licensed structural engineers and National Bridge Inspection Standards-certified professionals develop custom solutions encompassing the design and renovation of complex bridges, river crossings, historical bridges and interchanges. We understand the transportation needs of communities and combine traditional structural engineering with landscape architecture to develop sustainable and resilient bridges.


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Our structural engineering services for bridges include:

PlanningDesign Planning and Design
InspectionAssess Inspection and Assessment
SafetyAssessRoad Safety Analysis and Load Ratings
ProgramMgt Program Management
DataCollection Data Collection, Surveying and Drainage Calculations
RepairRehab Repair, Rehabilitation and Modifications
AesteticImprovements Aesthetic Improvements
ConstrOversight Construction Oversight and Record (As-Built) Documentation
FundingSolutions Funding Solutions

Belvidere Irene Road, a Fehr Graham project

Communities benefit from our engineering services

We help communities across Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and beyond, design structurally sound bridges that can withstand adverse weather conditions and environmental hazards to provide safe, uninterrupted service. Our structural engineering team helps you make well-informed decisions on the optimal maintenance of bridges and other structural assets in your community.


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We have worked with communities across Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin since the 1970s, developing some of the most unique and challenging bridge designs. For sustainable and aesthetic bridge infrastructure that can withstand the test of time without compromising the safety of commuters, reach out to Fehr Graham. Fehr Graham specializes in creating functional, safe and innovative bridge designs. Contact us to learn more about our structural engineering services for bridges or call us 815.394.4700.

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