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Being aware of the everchanging environmental rules, laws and regulations is one thing. Understanding and enforcing those rules is something completely different. If you need to provide your employees with environmental training, the team of environmental health and safety experts at Fehr Graham can assist you and ensure employees are up to date and informed. With several locations throughout Illinois, the Midwest and the country, we can provide training services for your company across the entire state. Our team is always ready and willing to do whatever they can to help employees and increase efficiency and awareness in the workplace.

When you are running a business, there are many day-to-day operations that require full attention. Making sure your employees are aware of environmental rules and regulations can sometimes be the least of your concerns. At Fehr Graham, we provide environmental training services for clients in Illinois and across the country and have done this for decades. Our team members consistently stay up to date with the frequently changing environmental laws to keep employees as informed as possible. Regardless of whether you require our services full-time or on an as-needed basis, we provide the same dedication as we work by your side.

Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other federal and state municipalities have strict guidelines that must be followed. When employees don’t stay on top of these guidelines, it can result in trouble for your company. We have decades of experience providing environmental compliance training and other environmental health and safety services for clients throughout Illinois and the entire country. Our team is flexible and works to fit the training into your busy schedule. We can outsource our services and provide your employees full-time support or work with your company’s schedule to provide training only when you need it.

Although environmental training can be optional, having peace of mind that your employees are safe and informed drastically improves the production of any company. Sometimes, securing a permit or approval requires additional training for your employees. The team at Fehr Graham ensures your employees are familiar with the legal ins and outs of environmental compliance so your project can move forward. This also helps reduce environmental liability, saving your company time and money. Employees understand the importance of environmental compliance and will appreciate their employer maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Protecting the surrounding community and its residents is a top priority for businesses across the country. When you partner with Fehr Graham as your environmental compliance company in Illinois, you are choosing a team that works by your side and puts the quality of life in communities first. Our team is dedicated to keeping everyone safe. We ensure Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA and municipality guidelines are followed so your business and employees operate safely and efficiently. Understanding how your company affects the environment and learning how to operate sustainably is something every business needs to consider to improve the quality of life for all.


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