Your most trusted environmental training company in Illinois

The most trusted environmental training company in Illinois

Organizations across the U.S. prioritize protecting the environment and community health and safety. As an Illinois business owner, you might be aware of changing environmental laws and regulations, but are your employees informed? Environmental training helps your employees understand environmental laws so your business can better comply with regulations.

At Fehr Graham, we understand how challenging it can be to improve environmental awareness in the workplace. That’s why we are committed to providing training services to Illinois businesses.


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Why should you partner with an environmental training company in Illinois?

On top of handling day-to-day business operations, it is difficult to make sure your employees understand and follow environmental guidelines. However, if your employees fail to follow them, it might land your company in regulatory trouble. Partnering with an environmental training company in Illinois helps you:

  • Reduce environmental liability: Following proper procedures reduces environmental damage and pollution. Employees need to follow these procedures, or your company could face hefty penalties. Environmental training is an effective way to reduce such liability.
  • Secure a permit or approval: To secure a permit or approval, your employees must sometimes undergo additional training. 
  • Meet regulatory guidelines: Environmental training keeps your business operations in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other federal, state or local guidelines. Environmental training keeps your team on top of environmental regulations and helps you maintain a safe and healthy workplace. 


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Our environmental training expertise

The team of environmental health and safety experts at Fehr Graham provides customized training on environmental compliance and other health and safety services for clients throughout Illinois. When you partner with Fehr Graham, you choose a team committed to helping businesses operate sustainably. The three cornerstones of our environmental training services are:

  • Knowledge: Our team members consistently stay up to date with frequently changing environmental laws applicable to a wide range of projects and businesses. 
  • Experience: We have decades of experience providing environmental training to several clients that follows federal, state and local regulatory guidelines.
  • Flexibility: Whether your business requires environmental training services full-time or on an as-needed basis, we work by your side to create flexible training programs to fit your schedule.

With environmental training, you can rest-assured that your employees understand how your business operations affect the environment and learn how to operate sustainably to improve the quality of life for all.


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