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As a one-stop land development company in Illinois, Fehr Graham provides end-to-end assistance on land remediation projects.

The goal of any land development project is not just to improve a piece of land but the overall quality of life of an area. However, land development is a complex process that involves evaluation, planning, permitting, engineering, construction, monitoring and compliance. At Fehr Graham, we listen to municipal leaders and developers so we understand their vision. With our experience as a land development company in Illinois, we can identify and plan for site-specific challenges to avoid cost and schedule overruns.


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Navigating various steps of land development in Illinois

Land development is a process involving conceptualization and planning, design approvals, regulatory compliance, funding, project management and more. Although each project is different, key components of a successful land development project include:

  • A design plan: Municipal leaders and developers need civil and structural engineering expertise to plan and design a land development project. 
  • Regulatory approvals: Before any land development project starts, municipal leaders and developers need to tick off a checklist of regulatory approvals. Any delay can throw the project off schedule.
  • Construction layout: A detailed construction layout plan is at the core of a land development project. It demonstrates the project’s aesthetic value and how the infrastructure benefits community members and improves their quality of life. 
  • Observation: Complicated land development projects need to be completed according to plans and specifications. Construction observation ensures work adheres to plans and is performed safely. The observer can also advise on appropriate actions when complications occur and provide necessary documentation.


Because municipal leaders and developers often find the complexity of land development projects overwhelming, they need the expert assistance of a one-stop land development company in Illinois.


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Partnering with a leading land development company in Illinois

The dedicated team at Fehr Graham works with you during every step of the complex land development process. Our expertise and experience, along with an integrated team approach, guide you through the project and help you make informed decisions. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Our engineers work  side by side with you to develop customized designs to meet your community’s needs.
  • Our decades of experience with regulatory processes on a diverse set of projects in Illinois enables us to provide complete plans and timely responses to comments. This streamlines the time to approval and minimizes delays. 
  • No matter how big or small the project, we develop detailed construction layouts for successful project outcomes.
  • Our team observes and oversees the entire construction process to ensure safety and compliance. 
  • We help municipalities and developers budget and apply for funding.

Our Illinois land development projects include:

As one of the most trusted and respected engineering firms in Illinois, Fehr Graham is your one-stop solution for anything and everything related to land development.


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