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As one of the top landscape architecture design companies in Illinois, Fehr Graham provides contextual and sustainable solutions

Landscape architecture can complement a location’s unique characteristics and address its environmental challenges. At Fehr Graham, we recognize Illinois businesses and communities’ specific needs and help them develop attractive, sustainable and functional landscape architecture designs.


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Developing functional and aesthetically appealing infrastructure

Every landscape architecture design project is unique and so is every community or business. The experienced team of landscape architects create customized landscape designs that showcase an area’s surrounding natural resources and serve its needs. While reimagining a space, we address the three key aspects of landscape architecture design.

  1. Aesthetics: We design countless beautiful outdoor spaces, including playgrounds, parks, streetscapes and gardens. Attractive landscape architecture can enhance community character and realize open spaces’ full potential.
  2. Functionality: Our mindful and insightful landscape architecture designs prioritize safety and accessibility to benefit surrounding areas and transform our clients’ visions into functional solutions.
  3. Environmental impact: Every landscape architecture design needs to consider its environmental impact. Thoughtful landscape architecture can also help address environmental challenges like flooding and heat islands. The exceptional team at Fehr Graham can help communities go green and improve their quality of life.

Our team also helps communities find funding for land development and redevelopment projects. Irrespective of the project’s size and specifications, we work with municipal leaders and developers to create landscape architecture designs that benefit entire communities.


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Our work as a landscape architecture design company in Illinois

As one of the most trusted and respected landscape architecture design companies in Illinois, we have transformed parks, patios, rooftop gardens and more. Our team of landscape architects, engineers and environmental specialists have delivered impressive work for clients in Illinois for decades, including:

By partnering with Fehr Graham as your landscape architecture design company in Illinois, you are choosing a team that puts your concerns at the forefront.


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