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When it comes to engineering projects in municipalities, there are often many obstacles to overcome. Cities, villages and towns face small budgets, minimal resources and limited timeframes, which can create difficulties for any project. At Fehr Graham, we understand these challenges and know how to overcome them. When you partner with Fehr Graham as your municipal engineering company in Illinois, you are choosing a team that will work with you to find the best engineering solution for your community. We help our clients save money and navigate the complex process of designing safe roads, sidewalks and parks and providing clean water for your residents.

Safe roads and sidewalks are essential to any thriving community. Providing residents with dependable roads prevents accidents and can reduce traffic congestion. Well-designed sidewalks are equally important to keep pedestrians safe and allow for easy access and travel from place to place. For decades, the team at Fehr Graham has provided municipal engineering services for clients in Illinois and the Midwest, creating efficient roadways to fit their needs. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in your community, so we will always work closely with you to ensure we do just that.

An active, vibrant park can brighten any community. Parks are gathering places for residents and visitors, so it’s crucial each one is designed with safety, convenience and accessibility in mind. The team at Fehr Graham has extensive experience designing and creating layouts for parks of all sizes and purposes for clients in Illinois, the Midwest and the country. We design beautiful parks - and provide other municipal engineering services - so your community has stable infrastructure to enjoy for years to come. From fields to courts to playgrounds, our team devises solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

Every community has a right to clean, safe water. Residents should have easy access to a safe and reliable tap water system, and they should have an expectation that wastewater will be treated properly. At Fehr Graham, our water and wastewater engineers have years of experience designing safe and effective water and wastewater systems. They keep sustainability top of mind and create systems that protect the surrounding natural resources and give residents peace of mind. When you partner with Fehr Graham as your municipal engineering company in Illinois, you are choosing a trustworthy team that puts the needs of your municipality first.

Whether your city, village or town needs safer roads, accessible sidewalks, spacious parks or reliable water and wastewater systems, Fehr Graham is the right municipal engineering firm for you. We have earned a reputation as a trustworthy and responsive company in Illinois and the Midwest. We will do everything we can to create functional and aesthetically pleasing infrastructure that will improve the quality of life for all who live and work in your community. We also will become part of your team, striving to make your jobs easier. No matter your needs or requirements, our team listens to concerns and works by your side until you are satisfied with your project.


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