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A well-respected municipal engineering company in Illinois, Fehr Graham finds the best engineering solutions for your community.

Municipal leaders looking to improve or add infrastructure face many challenges, like minimal resources, limited timeframes and small budgets. At Fehr Graham, we understand these challenges and know how to overcome them. We help our clients save money while navigating complex municipal engineering projects. Our team has experience with many different projects, from designing safe roads, sidewalks and parks to improving water and wastewater treatment in Illinois.


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Build safe roads and sidewalks with a trusted municipal engineering company in Illinois

Dependable roads and well-designed sidewalks prevent accidents, reduce traffic congestion and keep pedestrians safe. The Fehr Graham team has decades of experience performing studies, creating designs and seeing traffic projects to completion. We can also advise on cost-saving construction techniques, like full-depth reclamation. Our projects include:


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Partner with Fehr Graham to create beautiful parks in your community

When designing a park, we focus on four key features:

  • Safety.
  • Convenience.
  • Accessibility.
  • Aesthetics.

We help Illinois communities build safe, beautiful parks everyone can enjoy. At Fehr Graham, we have extensive experience designing and creating park layouts. Our municipal engineering professionals have created recreational spaces throughout Illinois — from fields and courts to playgrounds.


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Design safe and effective water and wastewater systems

Access to clean, safe water is a basic necessity. Fehr Graham engineers have been building and improving water and wastewater systems for decades. We help Illinois communities safeguard their health and natural resources while implementing more cost-effective treatment systems. Some of our Illinois water and wastewater projects are:


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