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Let Fehr Graham’s Illinois Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) experts examine your redevelopment site for environmental containments that pose pollution or health risks. The Phase II ESA provides a guide to move forward with demolition and remediation plans, breathing life into the property and the neighborhood. Ridding asbestos, lead-based paint and other toxins will revitalize the land and prepare it for development.


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When does a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment occur?

When you are committed to redeveloping contaminated properties in your community, they often require a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment before your redevelopment project can begin. When evaluating your Illinois site, if recognized environmental conditions (RECs) are identified during a Phase I ESA, a Phase II ESA is typically required. A Phase II ESA helps businesses obtain a detailed report of RECs to avoid long-term cleanup costs or potential environmental liabilities.


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Why should you get a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment?

Contaminated property poses a large health and safety risk to the surrounding population and environment. If material from your Illinois site contaminates water or food sources, then not only is the environment at risk from harmful effects, but it becomes a financial liability for the entire community. A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment can evaluate and determine the property’s condition by investigating the RECs discovered during a Phase I ESA. Once a REC is identified, a Phase II ESA determines next steps.


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