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As a water and wastewater engineering company in Illinois, Fehr Graham is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where our clients live and work.

The importance of safe, reliable water in our lives cannot be emphasized enough. At Fehr Graham, we understand the challenges faced by municipalities when developing water and wastewater systems. Increasingly stringent environmental regulations, budget constraints and aging infrastructure require innovative solutions. As a premier water and wastewater engineering company in Illinois, our team of professionals has experience creating systems that distribute potable water to communities. We also can help upgrade treatment plants and improve treatment methods to safely release treated wastewater back into the environment.


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Every community deserves clean and safe drinking water

We are dedicated to making this vision a reality for Illinois communities. Potable water systems improve safety and quality of life for everyone. As a reputed and experienced water engineering company in Illinois, we create water systems that treat, store and distribute clean water. The water system solutions developed by the team of water experts at Fehr Graham are:

  • Sustainable.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compliant with regulations to preserve surrounding natural resources.         


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Wastewater management is critical to preserving the environment and communities

Wastewater management is a challenge for municipalities. An outdated or mismanaged system can pollute the surrounding environment and communities. Rising operation and maintenance costs can strain local budgets. At Fehr Graham, we care deeply about protecting our natural resources. Our team of wastewater engineers has decades of experience devising the perfect wastewater engineering solution to maintain the quality of public water supplies and minimize environmental impact. When it comes to creating dependable and effective wastewater treatment plants, Fehr Graham is your trusted partner.


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Partnering with an experienced water and wastewater engineering company in Illinois

Protecting the environment and human health is one of our top concerns. Whether you need to distribute clean water to the homes in communities in Illinois or treat wastewater before safely releasing it into the environment, Fehr Graham is your one-stop solution to design the right water and wastewater systems that fit all your needs. As one of the area’s most trusted, experienced and respected firms, we have helped communities since 1973 with cost-effective engineering solutions to improve the quality of life.


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