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Starting a new project? It’s essential to understand how environmental regulations affect your operations and ensure your project follows local, state and federal environmental laws. At Fehr Graham, we evaluate your project to ensure standards are met to prevent worker or community endangerment and prevent fines and prosecutions.

Let our environmental experts meet your needs. We help Iowa businesses and corporations follow environmental regulations to keep the community, employees and contractors safe.


Contact us to ensure your business follows all Iowa environmental regulations and requirements.


Trust us - Our environmental compliance services are all-inclusive

No matter where you are in Iowa, Fehr Graham’s environmental health and safety experts can ensure your business or organization is environmentally compliant with customized and cost-effective services, such as:

  • Air quality.
  • Wastewater and stormwater permitting.
  • Industrial waste management.
  • Customized site training.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance and much more.

Since 1973, Fehr Graham has adapted to changes in environmental regulations to ensure our environmental compliance experts can provide quality compliance services to businesses and organizations across Iowa.


Learn how the chlorination process in wastewater can reduce E. coli.


Connecting with Iowa communities to provide environmental compliance services

We work with industrial, commercial, institutional and government organizations across Iowa to provide full-time support to ensure our clients comply with environmental laws and regulations. Thanks to our environmental compliance services, Fehr Graham has been recognized as one of Iowa’s top environmental and engineering firms.

Whether your business or organization requires environmental permits to dispose of harmful materials, lower emissions, prevent pollution or customized health and safety training to keep your staff aware and compliant with regulations, we can help!


Learn more about how we can keep your staff up to date on training to stay safe.


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To learn how Fehr Graham can help you follow local, state, and federal environmental compliance regulations in Iowa, contact or call 563.422.5131.