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A premier land surveying company in Iowa, Fehr Graham is always ready to address your land surveying needs

Land surveying requires skilled professionals with an eye for detail. Proper research, data collection and assessments are needed to determine your land’s boundaries and topography. At Fehr Graham, our highly experienced surveying team is always ready to help you quickly gather, display and analyze data for projects of all sizes. Our land surveyors have established themselves as experts in this field, providing services to public- and private-sector clients across Iowa.


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In-depth research for surveying your land

Research is the first step in any successful land surveying project. Our dedicated land surveying services start with a comprehensive site examination. Fehr Graham is committed to delivering critical research in a timely manner so you can make informed decisions. As one of the most respected land surveying companies in Iowa, we work with you to make sure you get all the information you need for construction and permitting to meet all your project goals.


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Accurate data collection, assessment and analysis for land surveys

After thorough research, our land surveyors start data collection and assessment as the next step of the land surveying process. We provide thorough land surveying results as soon as possible in a format you can understand to ensure the project stays on schedule. After analyzing the data, we present it in many forms, including graphics and video. We work with you to provide the most accurate data assessment and analysis while also adhering to your budget and timeline.


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Partnering with a respected land surveying company in Iowa

No matter your project’s size or location, the Fehr Graham team is dedicated to creating a smooth land surveying process. Whether it is land surveying or engineering work, we have decades of experience providing successful project outcomes that meet or exceed clients’ expectations.


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