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As a landscape architecture company in Iowa, Fehr Graham is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where our clients live and work

A community is defined in part by its natural environment, from recreational areas that delight residents and visitors to smart streetscaping that makes getting around safer. It is important for municipal leaders and developers to use these natural areas to their fullest capabilities. At Fehr Graham, we understand how parks, playgrounds, gardens and streetscapes improve your community. Our team of landscape architects provides unique designs that meet your functional and aesthetic requirements.


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The environment is a top priority for landscape architecture

Our one-of-a-kind landscape architecture designs focus on the environment first, incorporating nearby natural resources without diminishing beauty. The Fehr Graham team’s environmentally friendly designs improve the quality of life in communities across Iowa without endangering natural resources. We strive to provide beautiful landscape architecture projects, including lively parks, gardens, playgrounds and streetscapes, that residents and visitors enjoy for years.


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Landscape architecture designs must be functional

When it comes to landscape architecture, functionality is as important as aesthetics. Our creative, striking landscape architecture designs make your community stand out while meeting key needs, such as accessible recreation or stormwater management. Our vast experience developing functional and beautiful landscape architecture solutions has delivered outstanding outcomes for clients across Iowa.


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Partnering with an experienced landscape architecture company in Iowa

Since we were founded in 1973, we have earned a reputation as one of the premier landscape architecture companies in Iowa. The Fehr Graham team is the best at what we do. We are ready to help with every aspect of your project, including:

  • Landscape architecture designs.
  • Landscape development.
  • Brownfield redevelopment.
  • Environmental permitting.
  • Funding solutions.


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