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Want to make your park district more inclusive to everyone in the community? Do you need to modernize your facility to meet code requirements? Whether you are looking to update your facility or build a recreation area, our team of landscape architects and structural engineers can help you reach your goals and meet your deadline. If you already have a plan for your Iowa community and would like a professional review of the paperwork, our experts are ready to help!


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Want to update your Iowa recreation facilities?

Improving public infrastructure can help support community needs and attract tourists. Fehr Graham is proud to collaborate with municipalities to develop and integrate functional and attractive parks or recreation areas to support local economic growth and wellbeing. Our landscape architects and engineers are ready to help.


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What Iowa park and recreational services do we provide?

At Fehr Graham, we have experience helping communities plan and meet timelines to reach their recreation development goals. A new or improved recreational facility needs more than a great blueprint, it also requires paperwork, community outreach, accessibility standards and safety regulations. Our parks and recreational experts help identify solutions to meet your projects needs and to help you stay on track and within budget. We can also help navigate red tape, obtain permits, or review paperwork.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Park, campground, and open spaces design.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian trail and bridge design.
  • Athletic field and court design and rehabilitation.
  • Pools, splash pads and aquatics design.
  • Master planning.
  • Funding solutions.


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Why should you update or add recreation areas to your Iowa community?

Parks and recreation areas are a great way to improve quality of life in your community. Adding a park or recreation facility helps develop a vibrant culture and nurtures physical, mental, and nutritional health among residents. It is also a great way to attract tourists to create additional revenue.


Fehr Graham helps improve Iowa tourist attraction.


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