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Developing and updating transportation infrastructure not only keeps a community moving forward but also has a huge effect on residents’ daily life. Blocked interchanges, traffic accidents and lack of sidewalks can make getting around inconvenient and unsafe. At Fehr Graham, our engineers have experience designing and planning all kinds of transportation projects, from simple to complex. Our client-first mentality and long-standing involvement in Iowa communities make us your go-to transportation engineering company in Iowa.


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Develop transportation solutions with Fehr Graham engineering experts

No matter what your transportation project entails — roads, sidewalks or interchanges — Fehr Graham can help. Our engineers conduct studies to determine traffic patterns, work with environmental compliance agencies and observe construction. Here are some of our most common projects:

  • Developing and planning sidewalks: Our engineers have decades of experience designing Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible, long-lasting sidewalks and paths for clients across Iowa. Keeping pedestrians safe while improving accessibility is at the forefront of our designs.
  • Developing and updating interchanges: Engineers at Fehr Graham design efficient interchanges that improve traffic flow, reduce unwanted backups and benefit local drivers. From directional interchanges to cloverleafs and diamond interchanges, our transportation engineering designs will keep your community safe and improve residents’ overall quality of life.
  • Planning, developing and updating roads: Fehr Graham engineers have helped resolve roadway issues through designs that take into account traffic patterns, projected growth and potential challenges. We meet with community leaders to understand their needs before creating a plan to address them. Our road solutions reduce congestion, improve stormwater management and support multimodal transit.


Our transportation work in Iowa

Over the years, Fehr Graham has developed a reputation as one of the best transportation engineering companies in Iowa. Our long history in Iowa has allowed us to complete important projects. Whether you need a solution for downtown flooding or want to construct transportation infrastructure to revitalize a commercial district, Fehr Graham can help. 

Some examples of our transportation engineering work include:


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Team with a leading transportation engineering company in Iowa

Whether you need to replace a crumbling roadway, update an ineffective interchange or provide safer pedestrian routes, the Fehr Graham team is here to help. As a top transportation engineering company in Iowa, we provide solutions that benefit the whole community. In addition to designing safer, more efficient transportation infrastructure, we protect the environment and natural resources. By partnering with Fehr Graham, you are choosing a firm that is concerned with every aspect of your project, its success and how to improve the quality of life in your community.

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