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As a trusted water and wastewater engineering company in Iowa, Fehr Graham provides exceptional services to communities.

Clean water is a basic necessity for every community. Professionals at Fehr Graham understand the importance of efficient water distribution and recycling systems to improve a community’s quality of life and protect the environment. As a leading water and wastewater engineering company in Iowa, our team members help municipalities find the most effective and affordable water and wastewater management solutions.


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Designing clean and safe drinking water systems in Iowa

Clean drinking water counts among the most critical and invaluable resources of any municipality. Fehr Graham helps provide this vital resource to cities across Iowa using efficient and sustainable water engineering solutions. Our engineers prioritize the specific needs of your community and environment to design the perfect water distribution system and help communities across the Midwest access clean drinking water.


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Designing wastewater treatment solutions for your community

While many people express concerns about their drinking water origins, fewer consider where their wastewater goes. However, an inadequate city treatment plant can create serious health risks for residents. The Fehr Graham team provides municipalities with insight and expertise to protect residents by finding effective wastewater recycling solutions. Our experts are committed to working with you through every step.


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Partnering with a trusted water and wastewater engineering company in Iowa

At Fehr Graham, we design water and wastewater engineering solutions that:

  • Are sustainable and do not negatively affect the surrounding environment.
  • Comply with necessary environmental protocols and regulations, including securing project permits.
  • Meet your community’s need to access clean water and recycle wastewater efficiently.

As a trusted water and wastewater engineering company in Iowa, the Fehr Graham team cares deeply about the well-being of communities and the environment. We have developed water and wastewater systems since the 1970s and have become one of the most reputable engineering firms in Iowa and across the Midwest.


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