Jason Stoll, PE


Jason Stoll

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B.S. in Civil Engineering
Southern Illinois University–Carbondale, 2003

Completed 24 Credit Hours of Land Surveying Classes Northern Illinois University, 2017


Professional Engineer
Illinois #062-063804, 2011
Wisconsin #41775-6, 2011
Michigan #6201311574, 2022


Illinois Society of Professional Engineers
National Society of Professional Engineers
American Public Works Association

Jason advanced quickly after joining Fehr Graham in 2016 as a Project Manager in our Rochelle, Illinois, office. He was promoted to Branch Manager in 2018 and became a Principal two years later.

Jason excels at keeping communities safe by designing water distribution and wastewater collection systems, recreational paths and roads. His knowledge of state and federal grant and loan programs helps his clients secure funds to pay for their projects, saving them money and keeping them within budget.

He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University where he earned his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. He lives in Byron, Illinois, with his wife, Devin, and their daughter.


How would you describe what you do to someone unfamiliar with your job?

I’m an engineer who leads water, sewer and roadway design and construction projects primarily for local municipalities and organizations. I work closely with our clients to plan for these projects, and in many cases I help them secure funding for those projects through local, state and federal grants.

What do you like most about working at Fehr Graham?

As we like to say around here, we have big firm capabilities with a small office feel. Providing our clients with a turnkey operation is very satisfying. Knowing our team of technical experts, which includes engineers, surveyors, environmental scientists, landscape architects and grant writers, are available daily to meet our clients' needs in virtually all aspects of their projects is a great feeling! I also love the culture we have developed here. This is a great place to work!

Tell us about your professional accomplishments.

I have worked in this business for a long time, spending my high school and college summer breaks working for a civil engineering consulting business as an intern. As I look back at those days, I’m most proud of the professional advancements I have made during my career. Advancing from intern, to Engineer, to Project Manager, to Branch Manager and finally to Principal is a journey that has been rewarding.

Who are you outside work?

My family is very important to me, and I spend most time away from work with them. I’m a dad, husband, son, brother and uncle. I also enjoy spending time with friends, many times and especially in the summer months on the golf course.

How would your co-workers and clients describe you?

Professional, experienced and driven.

What do you enjoy about helping clients and the communities in which they work and live?

I love seeing communities move forward with infrastructure projects. It takes a lot of effort to move a project from an initial thought or concept through to the end of construction. Procuring funding and collaborating on projects with community leaders is also rewarding to me, and I enjoy seeing the end product many times, even years after the work is completed.