Ryan Wicks, PE


Ryan Wicks

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B.S. in Civil Engineering
University of Iowa, 1997


Professional Engineer
Iowa #16341, 2002
Michigan #6201311748, 2022


Partner of Maquoketa Watershed Management Authority


Inspiring Iowan Award, 2018

Ryan has served as Branch Manager of our Manchester, Iowa, office since 2000. In 2020, he started managing our West Union, Iowa, office. Ryan started his career at TeKippe Engineering, which Fehr Graham acquired in 2013, He became a Principal in 2022.

Ryan excels at building relationships and designing and planning private and commercial site development and public improvement projects. As an effective planner and goal setter, he leads a team of engineers and works with multiple communities and developers to turn problems into solutions. Ryan earned the Inspiring Iowan Award in October 2018 for his volunteer work to transform Manchester’s riverfront and improve his community.

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Iowa where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He lives in Manchester, Iowa, with his wife, Angie, and their daughter.


How would you describe what you do to someone unfamiliar with your job?

I mentor and manage staff, provide technical expertise to clients with a focus on relationships and help build teams. I prepare plans for contractors to build public infrastructure like roads, water mains, sanitary sewer systems, stormwater systems and recreational facilities. I also partner with clients to develop concepts and budgets for these projects, obtain permits and coordinate construction. Internally, I share my experience and knowledge with staff to help them become better. While every project may have a similar process and foundation, each is unique and provides opportunities to learn something new.

What do you like most about working at Fehr Graham?

As a member of Fehr Graham, I have enjoyed working on a broad range of projects and receiving input from a diverse group. I enjoy new challenges when it comes to how I approach each day, which has allowed me to grow and love what I do.

Tell us about your professional accomplishments.

Over the past two decades as a Civil Engineer, it has been a pleasure to earn trust from so many clients and peers. Building these relationships has been the greatest accomplishment of my career to date. I feel I have made a mark on many communities and am proud of my role in the redevelopment of the Maquoketa Riverfront in Manchester. I am also proud of the positive impact our projects have had on the public, like Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramp improvements, new trails and improved water, sewer and roads.

Who are you outside work?

I spend most of my time with my family, especially my wife, Angie, and our daughter, Brynnlee. We are involved with local volunteer groups and are partners in a local appliance store, Gateway Appliance. We spend most of our time enjoying our daughter while she plays at the park, visiting the Mississippi River Museum and gathering with extended family.

How would your co-workers and clients describe you?

Honest and dedicated. I make every effort to be open, discuss challenges and provide a solid effort to continuously improve.

What do you enjoy about helping clients and the communities in which they work and live?

I have great pride when I see our projects positively serving a community. It reminds me of the process, the people, and the challenges and successes we went through to get there.