City Engineer: Byron, Illinois


December 2016 to Present

» Wastewater treatment facility, headworks building construction project - Phase III construction engineering.
» Well No. 4 elevated water tank painting project - Phase II design engineering.
» Preliminary engineering report, water and sewer main extensions to new hotel/convention center - Phase I study.
» Various street improvement projects.
» Commercial site development reviews.
» Regular attendance at City Council and committee meetings.

As City Engineer, Fehr Graham plays a central role for the Byron community, delivering trusted and timely consulting services for maintenance and capital projects related to the City's infrastructure.

On an annual basis, Fehr Graham helps the City implement infrastructure-related projects. Our team, working closely with City staff, develops project scopes, timelines and estimates of costs. Once projects are approved, Fehr Graham completes the required deliverables, including engineering plans, specifications, bid and contract documents for construction. Fehr Graham also provides construction observation services for projects done by the City. Our experienced and qualified construction team supervises construction-related activities, ensuring improvements are done in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

Fehr Graham is more than a vendor for the City of Byron. We are a trusted team member and partner. The Fehr Graham team is service-focused and enjoys helping the City of Byron with any problems. As a member of the Technical Advisory Committee, Fehr Graham provides consulting services on planning, zoning and building compliance issues, and flood management inquiries.