City Engineer: DeKalb, Illinois


June 2018 to 2020

Fehr Graham is the City Engineer for the City of DeKalb, in DeKalb County, Illinois. As City Engineer, Fehr Graham plays a central role for the community, demonstrating our core values of trusted and timely consulting services for City maintenance and capital projects relating to the City's infrastructure.

Like so many of the communities we represent, DeKalb faces difficult challenges to maintain and improve the City's infrastructure. Fehr Graham understands those challenges, which is why we strive to develop common-sense solutions that deliver cost-effective results.

Fehr Graham regularly attends City Council and committee meetings. We help with annual budgets, providing concept plans and cost estimates for projects. When projects are selected and approved, we provide accurate, detailed engineering plans and analyses.

We work with other governments and taxing districts and identify grants and loans to help finance capital improvement projects.

DeKalb officials put their trust in us to safeguard City interests and provide trusted counsel, working together toward improving the quality of life in the community.

» Attends City Council meetings.
» Advises officials.
» Oversees development projects/permits.
» Attends development review team meetings.
» Prepares bid/contracts.
» Manages documents.