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City removes underground storage tanks to prep land for redevelopment


January 2020 to Present



City of Rockford Brownfields Assessment Grant
City of Rockford Brownfields Cleanup Grant

During subsurface utility work in the City of Rockford, Illinois, two unregistered underground storage tanks (USTs) were discovered at 128 Kishwaukee St., the former home of Lloyd's Hearing Center and the Rockford Trolley and Bus Barn.

When discovered, unregistered USTs require removal, so the City hired Fehr Graham to navigate the process and oversee the tanks' removal while taking protective measures to remove contaminants from surrounding soils, which could be harmful to humans.

Our team developed the site Sampling and Analysis Plan. We created a Safety Plan and procured a licensed UST contractor for tank removal. During removal, we provided guidance and collected soil confirmation samples for Site Assessment Reporting to the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM). Laboratory analysis identified additional contaminated soils remaining in the excavation. This required remobilization to complete additional excavation. Following removal and early action excavation, we prepared a 45-Day Report and Corrective Action Completion Report (CACR).

The project was funded partially through the City of Rockford Brownfields Assessment Grant and City of Rockford Brownfields Cleanup Grant.

The site is now ready for redevelopment. The land is safer, more desirable and reduces environmental challenges during redevelopment.

» Sampling and Analysis Plan development.
» Health and Safety Plan development.
» Licensed UST contractor coordination.
» UST removal guidance.
» Soil confirmation sampling and analysis.
» Additional soil removal guidance (early action).
» 45-Day Report and CACR.

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