Engineering, landscape architecture designs transform parking lot


June 2018 to March 2019


The pavement in two parking lots in southwest Rockford was crumbling, so the City decided to rebuild these South Main Street lots. Fehr Graham worked with the City and building owner to the north of lot 25 because there were foundation issues we didn't want to affect the new parking lot. A crumbling wall, sand in the basement and water was affecting the foundation. Fehr Graham also managed stormwater to help protect the nearby building from water damage.

We coordinated with property owners and utility companies to move the utilities. Fehr Graham also created engineering and landscape designs. Some of the landscaping was already done, but we made sure our additions complemented the area. We suggested a new set of perennial plants so the landscaping would be low maintenance.

Maximizing parking while incorporating green space was important to the City, so our team shared multiple concepts. The City chose the one that minimized costs while increasing parking. The on-site drainage pipe linked to South Main Street with concrete channels down to the inlet in the gutter.

» Prepared landscape plans.
» Surveyed site.
» Coordinated with property owners.
» Prepared civil site plans.
» Observed construction.