Environmental site investigation completed before Morgan Street Bridge replaced


August 2011 to April 2014



Length: 503 feet
Width: 73.2 feet

The Morgan Street Bridge in Rockford, Illinois, carries more than 6,000 cars over the Rock River daily. Over the years, the bridge became structurally unsafe. Crawford, Murphy & Tilley (CMT) hired Fehr Graham to perform hazardous waste consulting services for the bridge demolition and replacement.

Fehr Graham completed a Preliminary Environmental Site Investigation for the bridge. Our team collected samples from 27 soil borings to test for contaminants like volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, inorganics, polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides. Tests showed low-level impacts of inorganic metals and polynuclear aromatic compounds, which can cause carcinogenic reactions in the body. We then provided the technical details needed to manage the impacted soil during construction.

Our team worked with CMT to prepare the special provisions for Section 669 on the specifications for the project. This included defining the lateral extent of the impacted areas by station, off-set and depth. Pay items were developed for the bid documents. Fehr Graham also provided Phase III engineering services related to observing the removal and management of the impacted soils during construction.

The new bridge has created a safe connection from the west to east side of the Rock River and adds aesthetic value to the growing neighborhoods nearby.

» Reviewed documents.
» Conducted site investigation.
» Prepared site investigation results and monthly progress reports.
» Evaluated remediation options and costs.
» Estimated special provisions, pay items and quantities.
» Attended project kick-off, city official and internal meetings.
» Completed field checks and plan-in-hand review.
» Prepared quality assurance plan.
» Coordinated utilities, personnel planning and scheduling.