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Former gas Station property revitalized


July 2018 to June 2019




A busy and visible intersection in Mendota, Illinois, that once had a gas station and home sat vacant since the 1980s. City officials hoped to revitalize the property to make the land more desirable for developers and hired Fehr Graham to navigate the process.

Fehr Graham reviewed previous reports along with Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) indicating five Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) at the site had been filled with sand and abandoned, a process that doesn't comply with current Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) standards.

We developed bid packages for structural demolition and UST removal. Our team worked with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Office of Site Evaluation (EPA-OSE) to assess the site through drilling and sampling, groundwater monitoring and soil vapor sampling. We navigated a pre-tank removal assessment with the Illinois EPA-OSE. OSE performed the work under Fehr Graham's guidance, saving the City $20,000 in drilling and laboratory costs.

Our team coordinated with a licensed UST contractor to remove the tanks and contaminated soils. We collected confirmation samples from early-action excavations and prepared a 20-day, 45-day and Corrective Action Completion Report for the Illinois EPA. In addition, we prepared a Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Fund Reimbursement Package.

A total of five tanks and 367 cubic yards of contaminated soils were removed, which led to an Illinois EPA-issued No Further Remediation letter and project reimbursement through the IEPA LUST Fund.

This long-term project took years because of a difficult landowner but was well worth it. Removing the abandoned home and storage tanks and cleaning up the property will allow Mendota to move forward with redevelopment options for the property.

» Assessed site with Illinois EPA Office of Site Evaluation.
» Developed bid packages.
» Coordinated with licensed UST contractor.
» Collected confirmation samples.
» Prepared a 20-day, 45-day and Corrective Action Completion Reports and LUST Fund Reimbursement Package.

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