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Forreston lead service replacement


Fehr Graham is collaborating with the Village of Forreston, Illinois, on a lead service replacement project that will maintain water quality while keeping costs low to provide safe drinking water for businesses and homes. This project will be completed using Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) revolving loan dollars that are ultimately eligible for 100%
principal forgiveness.

Because of a mandate from the IEPA, an estimated 261 water service lines throughout the Village need replacing to prevent lead in the service lines.

Fehr Graham has completed and received approval on the IEPA Project Plan, prepared specifications and details to be bid by the Village, assisted and coordinated efforts with Forreston to obtain easements from residents. We will complete construction observation when the project reaches the construction stage.

The overhaul of many of the Village's water service lines will leave Forreston with a reduced risk of lead leaching into drinking water. The single-phase project will start in early 2021 and is expected to be finished by the end of the same year.

November 2018 to present


IEPA Revolving Loan


  • Obtained Project Plan approval from IEPA.
  • Prepared plan details and specifications.
  • Helped coordinate process for easement acquisition.
  • Will complete construction observation.

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