Forreston water main provides reliable service to citizens


Small towns like the Village of Forreston, Illinois, often have aging infrastructure and limited funds to make improvements. The Village hired Fehr Graham to help the municipality replace more than 1 mile of water main – much of which was more than 100 years old - in residential areas to better serve its citizens.

Infrastructure was undersized, made of older materials prone to breaks and was at the end of any useful life. Fehr Graham provided topographic survey, design engineering, cost estimates, loan coordination, construction document and permit preparation, bidding services, construction observation and contract management for the water main's design and installation.

Costs were too high for the Village's operating budget, so our team helped secure an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) loan that covered 60% of the project. The rest was funded through a low-interest loan that can be paid off over 20 years. This allowed the Village to replace a large portion of infrastructure with almost no upfront costs.

The new water main will provide the community with reliable service for years.

December 2018 to Present


» Provided topographic survey.
» Engineered the design.
» Estimated costs.
» Coordinated loans.
» Documented construction.
» Prepared permits.
» Provided bids.
» Observed construction.
» Managed contracts for design and installation.