Funding helps city replace lead service lines for free


After helping the City of Sycamore, Illinois, secure funding through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) State Revolving Fund to replace more than 120 lead service lines, officials asked Fehr Graham to complete the bidding process to find capable contractors and manage and oversee construction to ensure the project's success.

Fehr Graham navigates process with ease
We worked closely with City officials as they developed their own IEPA project plan, but stepped in to help navigate some of the intricate IEPA requirements. Our team ensured the loan application was submitted correctly and followed all guidelines to guarantee the loan money was granted and, ultimately, that the entire loan is forgiven at the end of the project.
Our team created a bid package that followed IEPA revolving loan requirements, including details and specifications and bidding assistance. The process included a list of contingency items, which reduces change orders in the field to help limit unexpected costs or surprises that can arise.

Fehr Graham will be onsite for construction management and observation to monitor work and safeguard the custom project is done correctly and efficiently.

Improved water quality a necessity for citizens
Several Sycamore residents filed a class action lawsuit against the City and formed Citizens for Clean Water Sycamore, a group that advocates for a cleaner municipal water supply. Replacing the lead service lines will keep the City water safe from contaminants. Construction is slated to begin in early 2022.

December 2020 to present


IEPA Revolving Loan


  • IEPA project plan and loan application.
  • Bidding assistance.
  • Project specification creation.
    Construction management and observation.