Gas utility benefits from land surveying services


June 2018 to March 2019


Since 2011, Fehr Graham surveyors have provided land surveying services on a variety of projects for Peoples Gas in Champaign County, Illinois. For three projects, Fehr Graham surveyed and produced lease boundary plats for nearly all the utility's roughly 170 injection/withdrawal and observation wells. Other projects included staking permanent and temporary easements and construction limits for pipeline replacement.

In summer, when gas is cheaper, it is stored underground and pumped into a Chicago facility that needed to be secured by the Department of Homeland Security. Our land surveying team staked property lines, lease lines and property corners to produce survey plats. The wells are scattered in a 36-square-mile area. Fehr Graham completed lease corner calculations, survey plats and coordinated the well head locations. Once completed, the plats were given to Peoples Gas to decide where to place security barriers.

Because of the size of the project, it was an opportunity to survey all of Peoples Gas property in Champaign County. If Peoples Gas asks for a survey, we know the information to quickly stake and double-check corners. Having that information also makes future development easier. The work helped to secure wells and minimize the risk of vandalism.

» Completed easement staking.
» Prepared survey plats.
» Completed as-built surveys.