Land development at Lincoln's Challenge Academy in Rantoul, Illinois


The Lincoln Challenge Academy, founded in 1993, is a youth intervention program that uses a military model. Illinois, with about 800 students annually, has the largest class of the 29 states in the program. To achieve goals, the Illinois Challenge Academy wanted a three-building campus to accommodate a larger program. RATIO Architects and Fehr Graham worked together on the planning, design and construction of the campus complex for Lincoln Challenge Academy to replace the single-building facility. The campus complex is on a 25.44-acre site in the decommissioned Chanute Air Force Base.

The project included plans to demolish five abandoned buildings on the site and stage construction of the three-building campus. We helped plan the original building's demolition after the new buildings opened.

Fehr Graham provided surveying services and completed site drainage construction plans and storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main extensions to serve the new campus buildings. We coordinated permit applications and approvals for sanitary sewer extensions, water main extensions and erosion control.
During construction planning, we met regularly with the Village of Rantoul public works staff to coordinate the water main extensions and sewer systems according to requirements. We also provided survey plats to redevelop the site according to Village development and zoning policy.

May 2016 to August 2018



  • Surveyed site.
  • Assisted with construction.
  • Assisted with utility abandonment.
  • Prepared construction plans for drainage.
  • Planned storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main extensions.
  • Coordinated permits.
  • Prepared survey plats.