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Freeport lead service replacement


To protect the public and reduce exposure to lead in drinking water, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps cities update harmful infrastructure and make clean water a priority. The City of Freeport, Illinois, was one of several communities looking to have its water service lines replaced. The City called on Fehr Graham to help with funding, design, bidding, inspection, and construction and loan management.

Fehr Graham partnered with the City to secure funding for the service line project. Our team secured funding through the IEPA Public Water Supply Loan Program. After the IEPA awarded the City $2 million, with 100% forgiveness on the loan, we began the design process.

Fehr Graham is overseeing and inspecting construction and confirming plans are following the City's guidelines.
When lead is present in potable water, it can become hazardous to the community and cause health risks. Addressing lead service lines is crucial and a top priority for Freeport. Construction is expected to be completed in December 2021.

March 2020 to present


IEPA Revolving Loan


  • Assisted with funding and planning.
  • Created overall design.
  • Organized contract and project management.
  • Applied for IEPA loan and managed disbursements.
  • Observed and documented construction.

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