New Morrison Wastewater Treatment Plant includes headworks, lagoon, ultraviolet disinfection


After more than 80 years of service and increasing regulations from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), the Morrison Wastewater Treatment Facility had reached the end of its useful life and was scheduled for replacement. In 2015, the City of Morrison, Illinois, hired Fehr Graham to provide construction engineering and loan administration services to build a wastewater treatment facility and decommission the old facility.

We developed engineering plans that specified a new headworks facility, complete with a mechanically cleaned screen and manual bar screen and grit removal system. Screened influent was then conveyed to the primary treatment system. The City, after months of vetting, selected an Aero-Mod™ Wastewater Treatment System complete with dual clarifiers, aeration tanks and digesters. The new treatment facility included sludge press and storage facilities, a lagoon for excess flow storage and ultraviolet disinfection systems.

Fehr Graham provided an experienced resident engineer to inspect and document construction means and methods over the course of the two-year project. Our services also included shop drawing reviews, processing change orders and payment applications, and completing as-built record drawings. Fehr Graham staff worked with the IEPA, providing draw requests from the available loan funds made available through the Revolving Loan program, to pay the contractor and engineer. We successfully delivered final project documentation to the IEPA at the end of the project to finalize the loan agreement with the City of Morrison.

February 2015 to December 2017




  • Completed construction Engineering Services and coordination with the general contractor and multiple subcontractors.
  • Prepared IEPA Loan Administration and final closeout documents.
  • Completed technical review of O&M manuals As-built drawings.
  • Observed and assisted in facility equipment startups.
  • Prepared as-built drawings.