Rockford lead service replacement


Fehr Graham is working with the City of Rockford, Illinois, to protect one of its most valued resources: water. With Fehr Graham's help, Rockford was the second city in Illinois to take advantage of a program replacing water service lines for free.
Once Fehr Graham secured approval of the overall project plan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), the loan application processes for several phases began. After the loan application process was complete, our team helped pull together project specifications for bidding, collected easements from affected users within the distribution system, completed bidding coordination per the IEPA bidding process and ultimately managed the project from a contractual and constructional standpoint.

The City is in its second phase of construction to replace water service lines to make drinking water safe for residents. The IEPA loans provided $4 million of forgivable funding for the project's first two phases. By early November, Fehr Graham will secure an additional $4 million of forgivable dollars for the City to replace more water service lines in what will be known as Phase 3 of the project.

The City plans to replace its estimated 14,000 water service lines. It is anticipated that the project will span over two decades.

May 2018 to present


IEPA Revolving Loan


  • Completed IEPA Project Plan and obtained approval.
  • Assisted with IEPA loan application process for three phases.
  • Prepared specifications and details.
  • Organized contract and project management.
  • Obtained easements from affected properties.
  • Helped manage IEPA loan disbursements.
  • Observed and documented construction process.