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State loan helps pay for well improvements in Durand, Illinois


Officials in Durand, Illinois, needed to add a well because Well No. 2 has trace amounts of nitrates that could fall below Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards. This could endanger the community's clean water source. The Village hired Fehr Graham to design a test well, prepare and assist with bidding, and observe the construction of the test well. The Village initially wanted the new well on the south edge of town, but water quality results were not favorable in this location either. The final location, after confirming with a test well, is in Nick Saelens Park.

Our team designed and prepared the specifications for the test well, new production well and water treatment facility. We obtained permits and oversaw bidding. We also observed construction of the well and well house.

The Village got a low-interest loan from the IEPA State Revolving Fund to pay for the project.

August 2018 to March 2020


» Designed production well and well house.
» Prepared plans and specifications.
» Prepared bidding documents.
» Assisted with bidding.
» Prepared contract documents.
» Observed construction.

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