Water Wonderland makes splash with safe, beautiful splash pad


March 2019 to April 2019



The Dixon Park District decided to add a splash pad near the playground in Meadows Park named Water Wonderland. A local donor sent a landscaping plan for the splash pad to the Park District. Park District officials wanted a professional review of the plan to ensure it was practical and met their needs. The District hired Fehr Graham to review the plans and make any necessary adjustments. Our team reviewed the plans and provided a revised design to the City of Dixon, Illinois, and the Dixon Park District that simplified the design and reduced maintenance while keeping the desired appeal.

The team kept the intent, character and appeal of the original design while increasing the site's safety. By adjusting the plant arrangements, they opened valuable sightlines into the splash pad. This increased visibility for police patrols keeping the area safe. Swapping some of the plants also eliminated a few potential dangers like thorns and poisonous fruits while including others with longer flowering periods. Opening the plantings a bit also helped make the Water Wonderland area more inviting. Fehr Graham suggested moving the drinking fountain further into the park away from the road to make it safer for children.

The project needed a fast turnaround because the City and Park District wanted to open the splash pad by early July, so our team used an accelerated schedule to allow bidding and construction to proceed as quickly as possible. The landscape plan review also led the Park District to hiring Fehr Graham for engineering services for the nearby parking lot. Construction on the splash pad began in March 2019 and was completed in July 2019.

» Produced construction drawings for landscape.
» Designed parking lot improvements.
» Staked parking lot for construction.
» Completed materials testing.
» Prepared cost estimates.
» Reviewed design plans.