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As a premier environmental compliance company in Wisconsin, Fehr Graham helps you understand federal and state environmental regulations.

As efforts to limit the impact of global warming increase, businesses must remain current on frequently evolving environmental laws. All Wisconsin-based companies must comply with numerous local, state, and federal environmental regulations. At Fehr Graham, we share your concerns about implementing regulatory changes and keeping your community safe, happy and healthy. Our environmental health and safety experts provide environmental permitting and training services to ensure your project runs smoothly without harming the surrounding environment.


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Understanding regulations with a trusted environmental compliance company in Wisconsin

No matter your Wisconsin location or to which sector you belong — government, institutional, commercial or industrial — Fehr Graham professionals can help ensure your environmental compliance in several different areas:

  • Air quality.
  • Water and wastewater.
  • Industrial waste management.
  • Stormwater permitting, and more.

Witnessing and adapting to environmental regulation changes since 1973 has given Fehr Graham unique expertise that makes us stand out among environmental compliance companies in Wisconsin.


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Environmental compliance services you need in Wisconsin

After years of experience helping clients comply with environmental laws and regulations, Fehr Graham has become one of Wisconsin’s most respected environmental and engineering firms. Our environmental compliance services include:

  • Evaluating project compliance: We confirm your project or program’s compliance with all necessary regulations so your business avoids violations and hefty penalties.
  • Customized health and safety training: We train your staff to understand environmental policies and establish awareness of the rules they need to follow.
  • Obtaining environmental permits: Whether lowering emissions, preventing pollution or disposing of harmful materials, our team helps you secure permits in a timely manner to avoid cost and schedule overruns.

Whether you want to ensure your business is compliant with current environmental regulations or to provide your staff with environmental compliance training, Fehr Graham can serve as an ad-hoc consultant or a full-time outsourced compliance firm.


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