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Fehr Graham, a municipal engineering company in Wisconsin, helps Sheboygan County tackle stormwater pollution.

Fehr Graham is dedicated to improving communities throughout Wisconsin by designing and developing municipal projects. To complete these projects, we partner closely with municipalities to understand their infrastructure and needs. Whether developing roads, sidewalks, parks or wastewater systems, Fehr Graham’s all-in-one services as a municipal engineering company in Wisconsin help communities build the infrastructure they need.


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Develop your project with engineering experts at Fehr Graham

As a premier municipal engineering company in Wisconsin, Fehr Graham will manage your project from start to finish. Our engineers not only help with initial designs but also provide consultations along the way. We frequently handle projects like:

  • Roads and sidewalks. Engineers at Fehr Graham can advise on materials, dimensions and construction. Sidewalks improve the quality of life for residents and visitors, making spaces safer and more accessible to all.
  • Park development. The parks we design are built sustainably to bring maximum enjoyment while preserving natural resources. Trails and open spaces for leisure and activities meet community needs and make life better for residents and visitors. Fehr Graham engineers listen to community leaders and work to meet local needs because we also live and work in the same Wisconsin communities.
  • Water and wastewater systems. Engineers at Fehr Graham design wastewater plants that effectively sanitize waste and distribute clean water. We also incorporate new technology and treatment methods to improve efficiency and sustainability. Our water engineers help municipalities mitigate flooding and stormwater damage.

Working with Fehr Graham’s engineers is a long-term relationship not only about designing municipal projects, but also updating and maintaining them. Fehr Graham’s engineers look toward the horizon and develop plans for durable, sustainable public infrastructure that benefit communities for years.


Our exemplary work as a municipal engineering company in Wisconsin

Fehr Graham has worked with municipalities in Wisconsin to complete projects of all sizes. Some examples include:

Municipal projects require attention to detail and close collaboration with communities. When you work with Fehr Graham, you are partnering with one of the most reputable municipal engineering firms in Wisconsin. We take pride in producing long-term community improvements and helping communities find funding solutions to make their infrastructure dreams a reality.


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