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Wisconsin Parks and Rec

At Fehr Graham, we understand the importance of providing quality public spaces with convenient access for the community. Parks and recreation facilities help improve the quality of life and attract families and visitors to the area. Whether you need to update a facility, meet compliance standards, apply for funding, or design elaborate fields and playgrounds, our team has the vision and expertise to create spaces that meet your needs.


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What do our Wisconsin parks and recreation services include?

Our parks and recreation service experts can help you plan, design, and construct aesthetically pleasing and functional recreation areas the public can safely and conveniently enjoy. At Fehr Graham, we know that having a safe and accessible environment that appeals to residents and visitors is essential. That is why in every plan we create, we assess compliance regulations, permit needs, location, demographics, budget, and aesthetic to provide recommendations and support to keep your project on schedule.

Our park and recreation services include but are not limited to:

  • Park utilities.
  • Wayfinding and signage.
  • Community outreach.
  • Master planning.
  • Park, campground, and open spaces design.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian trail and bridge design.


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Ready to add a park system to your Wisconsin community?

Looking for guidance on how to add a park or trail system to your community? Fehr Graham can help! Our landscape architects and engineers are experts at minimizing environmental impact and expenses to develop an attractive park system that provides amenities for residents and visitors. We can provide construction administration, develop final designs, assist with paperwork and more.


Learn about a recreation area we helped modernize to promote community growth in nearby Iowa.


Need assistance applying for revitalization grants for your Wisconsin redevelopment project?

Recreation projects are not only an investment in the wellbeing of the community, but they also help create jobs, boost economic development, and create a safe public space where families can gather with friends and neighbors. Fehr Graham specializes in helping municipalities write grants and navigate complex rules and regulations when looking for funds to support their redevelopment goals.


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