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At Fehr Graham, our team of Wisconsin Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) professionals understand the importance of knowing the current and historical uses of your property to prevent any issues. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments provide a comprehensive review of the environmental conditions of your property and our Phase I ESA experts can evaluate any contamination that could threaten public or environmental safety. Conducting a Phase I ESA creates a stable and responsible foundation for any brownfield redevelopment project and provides legal protections for environmental liability.


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What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment identifies potential or existing recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that can hinder your construction timeline for Wisconsin projects. The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment identifies any issues involving a site that may threaten public or environmental health.

Recognized environmental conditions that Phase I ESAs evaluate:

  • Chemicals in the soil.
  • Hazardous substances.
  • Petroleum products.
  • Contamination.


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What happens during a Phase I ESA?

At Fehr Graham, our detailed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments analyze the historical and contemporary site documentation at Wisconsin locations to assess areas of environmental concern. They are tailored to the location, and they provide a detailed report of your site’s history. The process for a Phase I ESA can take up to four weeks.

Fehr Graham professionals follow key steps during Phase I ESAs. They complete:

  • Historical and environmental records review.
  • Site inspection.
  • Surrounding source locations report.
  • Interviews with former owners and people with site knowledge.


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