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Are you looking to purchase or have recently purchased land to redevelop? At Fehr Graham, we can help municipalities and private developers navigate essential steps such as a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to determine the level of contamination on your brownfield redevelopment site and recommend options based on results and agency requirements. Our experts review site-specific data and samples to compare the contamination levels against regulatory agency standards.


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What is a Phase II ESA?

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is conducted if contamination is found during a Phase I ESA. A Phase II assessment helps determine the level of contamination and if further action needs to be taken to protect the public and environment.

Key steps to a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment include:

  • Reviewing site-specific data and designing the scope of investigation.
  • Obtaining necessary permits and conducting Phase II ESA fieldwork.
  • Performing technical risk assessments.
  • Determining if further action or response is needed to limit harm and liability risk.


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What comes after a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment?

After our experts have concluded the Phase II site assessment to evaluate contamination levels, the next step depends on results and conclusions of the assessment report. Depending on the contamination level, further work and cleanup may be needed. This could mean several things to ensure your site won’t cause harm to the environment or endanger public safety with contamination risks.

Some Phase II ESA recommendations could include:

  • Enrolling into a state voluntary cleanup program.
  • Developing Remedial Action Plans.
  • Conducting an active cleanup.
  • Eliminating exposure risks – barriers or other institutional controls to limit access to contaminated areas.


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