Your trusted Wisconsin transportation engineering company

As a trusted transportation engineering company in Wisconsin, Fehr Graham provides exceptional services to communities.

Well-maintained roadways, freeways, interchanges and sidewalks equip residents for safe travels — within and beyond their communities. The Fehr Graham team understands the challenges municipalities face developing and executing effective transportation engineering projects. Our experienced engineers listen to your requirements and generate superlative designs for all kinds of transportation projects, from planning safe, accessible community sidewalks to minimizing traffic congestion and delays. As a leading transportation engineering company in Wisconsin, we also provide Traffic Impact Studies, document environmental compliance and more to ensure successful project outcomes.


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Developing roadways and interchanges with a trusted transportation engineering company in Wisconsin

Outdated roadways and interchanges can cause traffic jams and create other unsafe conditions for drivers and pedestrians. Our transportation engineers conduct extensive research and meet with community leaders before producing custom designs that address your community’s specific needs to ensure a safe, frustration-free commute. When developing transportation engineering designs, we prioritize:

  • Commuters’ and residents’ safety.
  • Sustainable transportation engineering plans.
  • Roadways and interchanges that support seamless traffic flow.
  • Lasting transportation infrastructure to meet your community’s long-term needs.

Fehr Graham transportation engineers have made getting around Wisconsin safer for residents by designing safe directional and diamond interchanges and cloverleafs, among other projects.


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Ensuring pedestrians’ safety in your community

Sidewalks and multiuse paths offer convenient pedestrian navigation and can greatly improve the quality of life for residents. Fehr Graham has decades of experience designing safe, Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible sidewalks and paths across Wisconsin. No matter the size or length of path, our engineers work alongside you through every step of your project — from the drawing board to final blueprints, and beyond.

When you partner with Fehr Graham as your transportation engineering company in Wisconsin, you prioritize the safety and quality of daily life for residents. Whether you are designing a roadway, updating an interchange or making sidewalks more accessible, we work with you to create efficient, cost-effective and sustainable transportation engineering solutions. In addition to planning safer infrastructure, we protect the environment and natural resources to ensure your project benefits residents and their surrounding ecological community.


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