Del Monte makes wastewater recycling a priority

 Del Monte   Underground Piping 1

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Del Monte Cannery #108 in Cambria, Wisconsin, is redesigning and expanding its wastewater system. The plant, which processes canned vegetables, will use a new 205-acre spray pivot system to manage can cooling and process wastewater. The water will travel two miles from the plant through 18-inch underground pipeline. Fehr Graham will design and manage the installation of a new pump station, pipelines and central spray pivots.

Del Monte   Underground Piping 2

Water leaving the plant will be routed through a gravity collection pipe system to the pump station, which manages pressure levels before traveling to the spray fields. Careful testing and analysis, including establishment of baseline groundwater chemistry, will be performed to ensure the surrounding homes and wildlife are protected. The spray field will irrigate grass that will be fed to livestock.

Del Monte chose Fehr Graham for all preliminary analysis, design and permitting. Fehr Graham focuses on improving communities for commercial, industrial, institutional and government clients. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our clients by providing collaborative, insightful, results-driven solutions.