EHS Specialist Marie Dinwiddie featured on National Grain and Feed Association’s podcast

We are honored to be part of this important conversation during Harvest Safety Week as our fellow farmers gear up for harvest. In the National Grain and Feed Association's latest podcast, Fehr Graham Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Marie Dinwiddie, who also serves as the Acting Safety Manager for Maplehurst Farms in Rochelle, Illinois, discusses critical steps and reminders of proper precautions to prepare bins for harvest. Find more safety resources at


"Transforming Harvest Safety" - Bin Harvest Prep with Marie Dinwiddie by Listen with NGFA • A podcast on Anchor

Marie Dinwiddie, EHS specialist at Fehr Graham, joins Jim Seibert, NGFA director of safety, education and training, for NGFA's Harvest Safety Week and a discussion about bin harvest prep.  "Don’t just pray for a safe harvest; make it a safe harvest. It's all up to you."